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EdMark Enterprise is the epitome of comprehensive Learning Management Systems, setting new standards in digitizing educational operations and pushing the boundaries of innovative teaching.
Unrivaled in its scope and capabilities, EdMark Enterprise is not just a solution for schools, colleges, and coaching centers; it's a transformative force shaping the future of education.
EdMark Enterprise isn't just a platform; it's a catalyst for educational excellence. Elevate your institute's capabilities and supercharge the way you run your educational establishment with EdMark Enterprise.
Embrace the future of education and stay ahead of the curve with the most comprehensive Learning Management System

Core Modules


Get snapshot of all important parameters at one place. Draw important insghts regarding the school, improve student satisfaction and business decisions.


Insights from Data

Staff Management

Create un-limited number of Roles and assign them to staff. Control who can access which modules of the software. Well defined roles & access improve Accountability and transparency.



Passwords Management

Control Acces

Student Management

Add students to the system. Manage student information with individual student profiles.

Add students in Bulk

Export Student Info

Individual student pages

Control Acces

Organization Configurations

Set your own configurations for your organization. Change configurations easily.



Brand Colours

Batches, Sections, Centers

Add students to Batches to deliver learning resources, decide fees. Manage multiple centers and control courses offered in each center.



Centers/ Locations

Finance Module

Fee Management

Generate invoices automatically. Track Dues, Discounts and Refunds along with the fee details.





Financial Reports

Draw business insights using financial reports and finance dashboard. Build payment method wise, Date wise reports and aid your decision making.

Instrument Wise Report

Instrument Wise Summary

Date Wise Report

Date Wise Summar

Bank Reconciliation

Keep track of actual collections with respect to revenue figures using reconciliation feature.

Keep track of actual collections

#Payment Gateway Integration

Manage multiple methods of payments online, with the payment gateway integration.

#Debit Card/Credit Card

#Net Banking


Alerts Payment

Send alerts to remind students and parents regarding due date. Helps in timely fee collection.



Curriculum Builder Module

Resource Buckets

Group your learning resources into various buckets. Helps in storage management and delivery of your learning content.

Resource Subjects

Resource Area


Offer multiple types of learning content to your students. From PDF files to videos, with ease.



Deliver Worksheet

Learning Modes

Course contents with learning schedules and extra conditions like learning order precedence.

Self Paced

Self Paced with timing

Self Paced with Marking

Cohert base

Smart Communication

Student Notifications

Keep students up to date about all the information regarding classes, schedules, holidays and other important events


In-portal nitification

Doubts Forum

Students can ask doubts through their portal. Subject experts can address the doubts.

Students can raise Doubts

Teachers can answe


Students can raise complaints through their portal. Recive complaints, address complaints and improve student satisfaction.

Collect Complaint


With WhatsApp integration, communication is easy,fast and certain. EdMark WhatsApp templates for tens of communication touchpoints make your life easy.

WhatsApp Integration

Multiple CommunicationTemplate

Exam Engine


Conduct any kind of exam online and habituate your students to the actual exam environment they have to face.

Clone with Questions

Clone without Questions Exam Populate

Partial Proctorin

Exam Types

Helps in building exams quicker. Define the parameters/specifications once and use the template again and agian.

Set Exam Parameter

Exam Category

Exam categories are the student view Exam Buckets. Categorise exams into Sectional Tests, Mocks, Daily Test or any other you like to offer

Group Exams into Categorie

Exam Reports

Reports for each exam are generated automatically. Easily build custom reports with few clicks

Excel Download

#Send Results via WhatsApp/Email

Custom Report Builde

Speaking Evaluation

A dedicaetd feature to schedule speaking exam slots and evaluate and give feedback on speaking profiency of student. Useful for exams like IELTS

Book Slots


Writing Test

Dediacted feature to conduct subjective type exam. Useful in exams like GRE

Analytical Writing Tests


Exam Players

Pre-built Exam Templates which mimic actual Standardized/ Competitive Exam pattern, User Interface and User Experience.





Question Bank Module


Tag Questions at multiple levels to structure the question bank well and draw insights using the Tags




Difficullty Leve


Maintain your questions pool with this feature. Properly tagged questions make teacher's life easy. Makes building exams easy.

Bulk Import

Bulk Export

Math Type



Information/data dependent question groups like Reading Comprehension and Data Interpretation can be easily made and delivered.

Reading Comprehenison

Data Interpretation

More Question Types

Question types beyond MCQs and MAQs. 20+ question types can be made and included in exams

Passage Based



20+ Type

Progress Tracker& Reports

Career Reports

Is a custom report building tool. You can build reports for an individual student in a few clicks.

Build Custom Report

Weekly Reports

Weekly reports help to track student's performance on weekly basis, giving valuable insights to students and teachers on consistency, strengths & weeknesses of a student

Keep track of weekly performanc

Exam Analysis MA5, SWOT

These are built in exam performance analysis tools which can be used to get valuable insights from student's exam results. Can be used to find a strengths and weaknesses of a student.

Built in Analysis Tools

Progress tracker Dashboar

School Guidance

Based on the student's information available and performance in the exams, you can suggest the action plan, target colleges using this tool.

Smart college suggestion

Parent Portal

Parent Dashboard

A quick summary of student's activity at the school/college

Parent Dashboar

Student Calendar

Parent can see all the student schedules and events here. Helps in keeing an eye on what student is learning and planning their days in around student's schedule

Know Child's Schedule


Parent can keep track of student's learning and progress at one place, making communication about studednt's progress easy

Exam Reports

Other Custom Report

Fee Management

All fee information like Total Payable fee, Fee Paid, Fee Due at one place with invoices for the fee paid.

Pay through Portal

Up to date fee informatio

Pocket Money Logs

Every pocket money transaction of the student is available here. Helps in communication and improves transparency



Store Logs

Every order from the student is logged here for the parent to see. Parent can set monthly order limit on store transactions

Store Order History

Spending Controle

Online PTM

Feature enables parents to attend PTM remotely. The convinience makes it easy for the parent to participate in their child's learning journey

Attend PTM Online

Permissions & Appointments

Parents can apply for events like outings, visitings, leaves and meetings from their portal. Reduces work load on the admnistration staff.

Outings Visitings



Mobile App

Andriod & iOS Apps

Mobile apps make using EdMark easy. The learning content is always at students fingertips.Parents can get the information whenever they want

App for Students

App for Parent

Digital Campus

Campus Dashboard

A short snapshot of all student and other activity in the hostel campus.

Hostel Dashboard

Students Profiles

Add and manage comprehensive information regarding each student in the hostel

General Information

Certificates Collecte

Manage Devices

Manage student devices like phones that they bring and electronic devices like tabs that you give students to use

Tabs Management

Phone Depositor

Complaints Management

Students can raise complaints through their portal. Recive complaints, address complaints and improve student satisfaction.

Recieve Complaints


Keep track of all packeges, food and other things that enter the campus. Assure delivery to students and control what can enter the campus

Log student's external Orders

Health Management

Monitor health status of students. Tool to help, take care of students who are sick.

Track Ill students

Actions to follo

Log Book

Keep track of who is entering and who is leaving the campus and at what time. Helps in keeping the campus secure

In & Out log book

Secure Campu

Exam Applications Management

Manage all Exam Applications and College Application of each student hastle free

Store exam applications

Pocket Money

Manage student's pocket money with the Pocket Money tool. Log every transaction in pocket money account, improve transparency

Keep pocket money records

Auto deduct

Limits on spendig

Live Classes Module

Live Classes

Conduct live classes to students. Control who can join the class and secure the sanity of the online classroom

Online Classes

Controlled Acces

Recorded, Download class

Options to record the Live Class for further reference or deliver to student as a recorded class

Record the class

Download the Recorded clas

Student Buzz


Build survey forms with descriptive questions and rating questions. Collecting important feedback from students.

Collect Feedback


Want to involve students in certain decision making processes ? With the help of Polls, you have the tool needed to fund student pulse

Vote and Decide


Collect testimonials on their experience with the your organization easily and post them on your marketing webpages.

Gather Student Experience

Achiever Module


Assign students into different student Houses. Automatically track house points and improve healthy competition between students

Student Houses

House Leader Board


Create various kinds of badges, decide on points for each badge and award them to students. Gamify the learning experience for the students



House Points for Badge

Merchendise & Store

Store Dashboard

Important store metrics like number of orders, revenues and other information can be obtained here


Orders Status


Add any kind of product to the store like stationary, snacks and organization merchandise. Products can be filtered using category and price filters.

Product Categories


Foolproof order management with mullptiple order statuses to track the order progress. Feature to control volume and value students can order

Order Limit on products

Auto deduction from Pocket Mone


Manage product information using inventory. Remaining units, Add units etc

Manage product stock

Add Units


Book Management

Add books to library catalogue, manage comprehensive information about the book. Extensively tag the books under various genres.

Book Catalogue

Damage Bo


Issue books to students, Renew the Issue, collect books. Track return dates. Levy fines on missing return dates and damaging the book.


Renew Issue Levy Fin

HR & PayRoll

Leave Management

Define leave policy, apply for leave online, approve and track remainaing leaves etc from the HR module

Manage Employee Leaves

Track Comp Offs, OTs, Off Site


Generate employee payslips and add them to their employee portal

Genrate Payslips

Add employee payslip

Policies & Learning Resources

Add HR policies and learning resources to your portal for the employees to access. Helps in policy communication and employee training

Add HR Policies

Employee Learning Resource

Attendance & Schedulling

Student Attendance

Mark student attendance for various things like daily classes, events, exams and any other custom occation

Take attendance

Find classes misse

Scheduling Tool

Making Time Table is a complex and time consuming task for any educational instituition. Scheduling aids in scheduling classes and makes life easy

Create Schedule Templates

Make Time Tables

Class Clash Detecti

B2B invoice Module

Invoice Tool

Tool to generate B2B invoices. Generate Tax or Proforma invoices in few clicks.

Tax Invoice

Proforma Invoic

Alumni Module


Online hub where student alumni of your organization can connect.

Alumni Community

Alumni Posts/ Feed

Alumni Conne


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