Core Modules

Centralize your educational institution’s management with our ERP module, featuring an intuitive dashboard, comprehensive staff and student management, flexible organization configurations, and efficient tracking of student attendance, batches, sections, and centers. Discover more about seamless school operations


Staff Management

Organisation Configurations

Student Attendance

Batches, Sections, Centers

Finance Module

Streamline your financial processes with our Finance Module, including fee management, detailed financial reports, bank reconciliation, payment gateway integration, and timely payment alerts. Explore how we simplify your financial tasks.

Fee Management

Financial Reports

Bank Reconciliation

Payment Gateway Integration

Payment Alerts

Curriculum Builder Module

Easily create and manage comprehensive curriculums with our Curriculum Builder. Features include resource buckets for grouping, a wide variety of learning resources, and flexible learning modes tailored to diverse teaching styles. Click to learn more and see how you can revolutionize your curriculum design.

Resource Buckets


Learning Modes

Smart Communication

Enhance communication with our Smart Communication module, offering student notifications, a doubts forum, complaints management, and even WhatsApp message integration. Click to see how we keep everyone connected.

Student Notifications

Doubts Forum



Exam Engine

Revolutionize your assessment processes with our Exam Engine, supporting various online exam types, categories, reports, speaking evaluations, writing tests, and customizable exam player templates. Learn more about transforming exams.


Exam Types

Exam Category

Exam Reports

Speaking Evaluation

Writing Test

Exam Players

Question Bank Module

Build a robust repository with our Question Bank Module, featuring question tagging, a comprehensive question pool, passages, and diverse question types. Discover the power of an organized question bank.

Question Tagging



More Question Types

Progress Tracker& Reports

Monitor student progress with our Progress Tracker, offering career reports, weekly reports, detailed exam analysis, SWOT analysis, and school guidance. Find out how we help you track and enhance student performance.

Career Reports

Weekly Reports

Exam Analysis MA5, SWOT

School Guidance

Parent Portal

Engage parents with our Parent Portal, providing a parent dashboard, student calendar, detailed reports, fee management, pocket money logs, store logs, online PTM, permissions, and appointment scheduling. See how we connect parents to their child’s education.

Parent Dashboard

Student Calendar


Fee Management

Pocket Money Logs

Store Logs

Online PTM

Permissions & Appointments

Mobile App

Access all LMS features on-the-go with our Mobile Apps, available for both iOS and Android. Experience the convenience of mobile learning.

Andriod & iOS Apps

Digital Campus

Manage your campus digitally with our Digital Campus module, featuring a campus dashboard, student profiles, device management, complaints handling, cloak management, health tracking, log book maintenance, exam applications management, and pocket money tracking. Explore our comprehensive campus management solution.

Campus Dashboard

Students Profiles

Manage Devices

Complaints Management


Health Management

Log Book

Exam Applications Management

Pocket Money

Live Classes Module

Conduct and manage live classes effortlessly with our Live Classes Module, including options for recording and downloading sessions. Discover the future of virtual classrooms.

Live Classes

Recorded, Download class

Student Buzz

Engage your students with our Student Buzz module, featuring surveys, polls, and testimonials. See how we create a vibrant school community.




Achiever Module

Motivate students with our Achiever Module, offering houses and digital badges to recognize achievements. Learn more about fostering a competitive spirit.



Merchendise & Store

Simplify school store operations with our Merchandise and Store module, featuring a store dashboard, product listings, order management, and inventory tracking. Explore how we make school shopping easy.

Store Dashboard





Efficiently manage your library with our Library module, including book management and transaction tracking. Discover how we streamline library operations.

Book Management


HR & PayRoll

Optimize your HR processes with our HR and Payroll module, featuring leave management, pay slips, policies, and learning resources. Learn more about how we support your staff management needs.

Attendance & Leave Management


Policies & Learning Resources

Attendance & Scheduling

Easily manage your school’s schedule with our Scheduling Tool, designed to streamline class timings, events, and other activities. Find out how we keep your school organized.

Student Attendance

Scheduling Tool

B2B invoice Module

Handle business invoicing with ease using our B2B Invoice Module, offering efficient and transparent transaction management. See how we simplify B2B operations.

Invoice Tool

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